Best of 2021 — Diet Doctor Podcast

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone with another 25 episodes of the Diet Doctor Podcast. While we enjoyed every single one of them, here is a breakdown of our 10 favorite episodes.

Our top 10 cover the importance of protein, the role of exercise, the emerging science in the field of cholesterol, the controversy around seed oils, the power of time-restricted eating, and the scourge of insulin resistance.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
1:41 The power of protein
5:13 Protein – the most important nutrient for health
8:40 Protein leverage hypothesis
12:31 Why we need muscle
15:49 The best exercise for health
20:20 Low-carb LDL hyper-responders
23:58 Cholesterol and low carb
28:38 Vegetable oils: are they healthy?
34:24 The science of time-restricted eating
37:17 Insulin resistance and why we get sick
42:25 Conclusion

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Top 5 Proven Steps to Burn MORE Stubborn Belly Fat

A lot of individuals around the globe are experiencing excess weight and fat. Today I’m mosting likely to share how means everybody truly get rid of this untold suffering.

10 Ways Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Purposely or otherwise, the average American eats 28 tsps of sugarcoated a day – that’s even more than 90 extra pounds of sugar annually. The American Heart Organization recommends females restrict their included sugar to just 100 calories per day (6 teaspoons) and guys to 150 calories a day (9 teaspoons). So, the bottom line is that a lot of us eat means also a lot. Continue reading to learn why this can be an issue and also what you can do regarding it.

The Number 1 Weight Loss Tool That I Give ALL My Clients

If you have actually functioned with me one-on-one or even in among my group programs you are possibly going to chuckle when you hear me say this. Not just due to the fact that I have actually already informed you that this is your most powerful tool for weight monitoring, but as a result of the extreme variety of times we have actually revisited it. That which I’m referring to as

Speed Up Your Metabolism – You Will Lose Weight

Have you ever before gone along your lively means assuming you were doing every little thing you thought you should do, and doing it properly? Then you get up instantaneously of inspiration when you realize what an idiot you have actually been. No? Well, I am embarrassed to confess it, but I have …

How Effective Weight Loss Can Offer A Person A Healthier Way Of Life

Shedding weight can be an obstacle for several males and women, specifically as they age. Reliable weight loss is commonly an indication of raised exercise, and a decrease consumption of calories.

3 Tips For Weight Loss For Women

There are some significant distinctions between the way men and ladies shed weight yet it doesn’t mean that just since you’re a lady you can’t reach your desired weight and also body form. Here are 3 tips for fat burning for ladies that will certainly assist you to focus on your personal fat burning objectives.

One Meal at a Time, One Workout at a Time

The trouble is, usually individuals come close to the weight loss process as if it is a runner’s sprint when in reality it is a lot more comparable to a marathon. When you think about dropping weight with this state of mind, you recognize the fact that you are not supposed to provide 100% effort for the initial week or month as well as then return to undesirable practices.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast: Quick Tips

Among one of the most obvious indications that you have weight problems can be seen right in the middle, the stubborn belly. When you begin adding a little bit more weight without your recognizing, it is your stomach that would certainly be the very first to inform you as quickly as you encounter the mirror and take good look at yourself.

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