Bipolar disorder and keto diets – Diet Doctor Podcast

Bipolar disorder is a common and potentially devastating mental health condition affecting up to 5% of adults aged 18 to 29. Lifestyle therapies are a potentially powerful yet underused treatment modality. Matt Baszucki, Dr. Iain Campbell, and Dr. Chris Palmer want to change that. They want the world to know the potential benefits of ketogenic diets as an additive therapy for bipolar disorder.

This episode explores Matt’s and Iain’s personal journeys with bipolar disorder, and Iain’s and Chris’s professional missions to further the practical and scientific understanding of a ketogenic diet as a therapeutic option.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
3:21 Matt Baszucki
12:44 Nutrition approaches that didn’t help with Bipolar disorder
20:45 The effects of keto for bipolar disorder
30:58 Learning from Matt’s condition
38:34 Iain Campbell, PhD
39:50 Iain’s personal journey
46:49 Nutrition as an intervention for bipolar disorder
55:31 Could a ketogenic diet be one of the solutions?
1:00:34 Chris Palmer, MD
1:11:05 Bipolar disorder, medication and insulin resistance
1:15:48 Thoughts on keto as a “miracle theraphy”
1:26:31 Conclusion

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