Easy Keto Buffalo Hummus

This tasty low-carb dip uses roasted cauliflower instead of chickpeas. Best served with crispy veggies and keto crackers.

Full recipe: https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/low-carb-buffalo-hummus

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Ingredients (makes 10 servings):

Cauliflower hummus:
1 medium cauliflower (680 g/ 1.5 lb)
1 tbsp avocado oil or olive oil (15 ml)
⅓ cup tahini paste (80 ml/ 83 g/ 3 oz)
¼ cup buffalo sauce or sriracha sauce (60 ml/ 2 fl oz)
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp paprika

2 green onions, sliced (30 g/ 1.1 oz)
½ cup blue cheese crumbles (56 g/ 2 oz)
Optional: extra buffalo sauce

Nutrition facts per serving (about 1/3 cup):
Total carbs: 6.6 g
Net carbs: 4.2 g
Protein: 4.2 g
Fat: 8.2 g
Energy: 109 kcal (calories)
Carbs (16%) : Protein (16%) : Fat (68%)

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