Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Cottage Cheese (High-Protein & Keto)

BREAKFAST HACK: How to add protein to your breakfast scrambles and made them super fluffy at the same time. A breakfast high in protein will help you stay full for longer! YouTube exclusive recipe below 👇

3 large eggs
100 g cottage cheese (3.5 oz)
2 tbsp butter or olive oil (or 1 tbsp for lower fat)
Salt & pepper to taste
1/8 to 1/4 tsp ground turmeric for an anti-inflammatory boost
Fresh chives or herbs of choice

🔹Instructions are super simple. Just follow the recipe according to the video.

Macros: 4.7 g net carbs (4.9 g total carbs), 30 g protein, 42 g fat, 518 kcal (calculated in our app https://ketodietapp.com/)

Serving suggestions:
– sliced avocado (fiber, potassium and monounsaturated fats)
– salmon roe (Lyso-DHA, check out my previous video to see why I recommend this source of omega 3)
– smoked salmon (omega 3 fats, protein & potassium)

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Be the Master of Your Body and Mind

Hypnosis is a prominent mind procedure in which an individual or one more individual manages the human mind. In this process, a person loses his/her very own mind and also easily submits to what the hypnotherapist would certainly claim. There is an absence of all kinds of opposition or recommendations. An individual under hypnotherapy is only responsive to the hypnotherapist. Hypnosisis can be made use of as treatment to remember or to recoup some subdued memories required to heal a particular health issues or clinical condition. It additionally assists to loosen up the mind which improves the factor of the entire process. Is Hypnotherapy a Vital Element for Fat Burning?

Meeting the Weight Loss Challenges

Slimming down can be an extremely easy task if you are skilled and understand what you are doing, however, for a lot of us slimming down can appear extremely complicated and also frightening in many cases. This is just since a lot of us are misguided concerning the basic concepts of fat burning as well as we are constantly bombarded with promotions for extreme diet regimens that assert that they can lastly assist you accomplish your dream body without minimal work.

How to Choose Ideal Weight Management Program?

Do you intend to drop weight? However feeling perplexed which program to decide as nowadays there are lots of fat burning programs available out there. Don’t succumb to gimmicks when it concerns weight-loss programs as you require to review very carefully to discover one that’s right for you. One should go with a weight reduction program which assists you to slim down safely and maintain the weight off for long-term.

Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Weight Loss

There are lots of fast weight-loss diet plans as well as weight management programs offered but the foundation of a successful fat burning is irreversible way of life modification. For an effective as well as long-term sustainable weight reduction you need to make some permanent changes in your lifestyle and also consuming practices.

Diet Diaries Go High Tech

You can ditch the pen and paper. Monitoring what you eat has never been simpler. Initially there were online diet journals where you can easily log in from anywhere and tape-record every tidbit that passed your lips. Currently these programs are readily available as applications on your phone, making diet regimen monitoring actually at the suggestion of your fingers whenever and wherever.

Getting Motivated And Reaching Your Target Weight

To stay inspired to reduce weight, you must consume what you want, yet do so in small amounts. In addition, obtaining loved ones included can really aid motivate you.

Weight Loss – The Predominant Fragment of Health

In today’s food-work intent culture, it is actually difficult to preserve a healthy weight and diet regimen. If you’ve tried and fallen short to reduce weight prior to, you might believe that diet plans don’t benefit you. Your weight is a most definitely a computed balancing act, yet the math is simple: If you eat extra calories than you shed, you certainly acquire weight.

The Best Weight Loss Tips Ever

So you’ve been contemplating whether it is time to finally transform your lifestyle permanently in order to reduce weight. As you most likely already understand, you have concerning a thousand choices available whether you are discussing diet regimen or exercise programs. It is very important to recognize that if you follow these suggestions, you will be effective regardless of what specific program(s) you pick. These ideas take care of your core inspirations and what drives you. Until you figure these things out, you will never completely alter.

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