Insulin resistance and why we get sick with Prof. Ben Bikman — Diet Doctor Podcast

Is too much insulin a root cause for the chronic diseases that plague modern society? According to Professor Ben Bikman, it likely is.

And he should know. Professor Bikman is a scientist and researcher who specializes in insulin and its effects on our health.

In his new book, Why We Get Sick, Dr. Bikman makes a case for why we need to target insulin levels to improve global health. As you’ll hear him say, lifestyle choices can cause insulin resistance, and they can cure it, too. The tools are at our disposal; we just need to know what they are and how to use them.

Dr. Bikman speaks with a combination of authority and humility that’s rare in today’s world of soundbites. I appreciate his expertise and his approach, and I hope you will as well.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
2:15 Welcome, Prof. Ben Bikman
3:34 A dissenting voice between the medical and research community
5:01 How Ben defines insulin resistance
7:06 Insulin resistance in different cells of the body
11:12 You can’t have insulin resistance without hyperinsulinemia
12:14 Some basic functions of insulin
15:13 Common threats that insulin has in its function
18:25 Level of evidence linking high insulin to diseases
22:52 Insulin resistance and its part in most chronic diseases
30:41 Beta cell failure in type 2 diabetes
33:15 The primary and secondary causes of insulin resistance
39:54 The types of food and eating frequency matter
41:45 Effect of saturated fat in muscle-insulin sensitivity
45:46 Condition of reversed metabolic flexibility
51:25 Exercise and insulin resistance
54:10 The types of exercise to combat insulin resistance
57:55 Is a low-carb diet the only way to reverse insulin resistance?
1:02:50 Fasting to improve insulin resistance
1:08:22 Where to find Prof. Bikman

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