Is fitness more important than weight loss?

A new paper suggests we should forget about losing weight and instead focus on improving our fitness. The researchers performed a thorough meta-analysis of existing research papers and convincingly show how the science supports their claim. But is there another way to see this question? I think this is the perfect opportunity to change the focus away from “Weight loss” and shine the spotlight on “Healthy weight loss.” What’s the difference? Let’s explore that in this video.

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Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
0:40 The “fat but fit” paradigm
2:36 Physical activity attenuates mortality risk
4:08 Weight loss isn’t associated with lower mortality risk
5:02 About weight cycling
6:15 Losing fat mass, gain lean muscle mass
7:52 About healthy weight loss and lifestyle
9:45 The concept of adequate nutrition
11:25 Last words from Dr. Scher

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Live Your Life To The Full

As we age our dietary demands transform. We require less of some fruit and vegetables as well as even more of others. It might surprise you to learn how you need to readjust your diet regimen as you pass the age of 30!

Get Fit And Healthy The Easy Way

Why diet plan, when it is possible to make a couple of changes to your existing diet plan that will certainly make a lot difference to your life. It might simply be that it is a whole lot less complicated than you understand to obtain fit, shed a little weight and also get a little much healthier.

Ditch The Diet! Lose Weight?

A great deal of individuals are terrified by the word diet and also know that they will certainly never ever have the ability to follow one. Also even worse they will certainly undergo a great deal of discomfort to adhere to a diet plan just to locate that they stack the weight back on again. If you wish to turn your life around and shed that weight for great, you require to ditch the diet technique!

Turn Your Life Around And Lose Weight Fast

Altering your way of life around can profit you immensely. Reducing weight does not have to be as tough as you believe. Embrace a new way of life as well as become a brand-new you. A few adjustments and you will be shedding that weight fast.

Easy Weight Loss The Bespoke Way

Do you keep failing with diet regimens that do not satisfy your expectations or suit your demands. Worry not this write-up will discuss exactly how you can customize a bespoke diet regimen that will certainly assist you to remove your excess weight as well as obtain that figure that you have actually constantly desired.

Easy Weight Loss The Bespoke Way

Do you keep stopping working with diet plans that do not fulfill your expectations or fit your needs. Worry not this short article will certainly discuss specifically just how you can tailor a bespoke diet plan that will assist you to do away with your excess weight as well as get that number that you have actually always desired.

Losing The Weight After Child Birth: A Myth or Not?

Some women ask whether it is even possible to shed weight, particularly that belly fat, after giving birth. Figure out from this article.

Easy Weight Loss With Just Your Mind

Discover the fact behind why you are overweight as well as the power you have to change it. You’ll be stunned and surprised to see exactly how easy it is to reduce weight, as well as without weight loss, exercising or taking pills.

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