Is the nutritional scientific process broken?

Ty Beal, PhD joins me to discuss serious concerns and flaws with the recent Food Compass publication as well as another food scoring system. These systems rank Chocolate almonds, lucky charms, and almond M&Ms as much better choices than ground beef, eggs, and cheese. Plus one system ranks PB&J sandwiches as very healthy, sugar and candy as neutral, and poultry, eggs, and meat ad harmful. Ty and his colleagues submitted a paper pointing out these inadequacies and errors in the ranking systems and they got rejected from the journals with no response from the authors. Is this a sign that our nutritional science process is broken?

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
3:59 The importance of the food compass
8:02 Why the authors wouldn’t give their response
14:26 Interesting findings on the paper
21:20 How the food scoring system works

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