Keto diet and high LDL study – Diet Doctor Podcast

Dave Feldman released preliminary data from a lean mass hyper-responder study that investigates elevated LDL while on a keto diet. He presented the baseline data at the Symposium for Metabolic Health in San Diego, and the reaction was notable — both supportive and critical.

The results of the study have the potential to change how we view elevated LDL cholesterol. But for now, we have to be patient for the end results and cautiously take away the lessons we can from the preliminary data.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
1:45 Dave Feldman
3:11 The preliminary data from the new LMHR study
10:31 The plaque burden data from the study vs similar cohort
18:51 The current take home from the study
26:07 Could the low LDL findings from the study transcend to cases with higher LDL number?
32:17 The public reaction of the study
36:45 Matthew Budoff, MD
37:38 Any hesitation about the study?
46:57 Dr. Budoff and the ketogenic diet
49:42 Responding to criticism about the length of the study
54:34 Conclusion

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After staying clear of the washroom scale for a few months, just how lots of times have you stepped on after a long lack to discover that you considered 12 extra pounds more than you did last time? As well as then you claim to on your own, or to any person else that will pay attention, “where did these additional pounds originate from? I haven’t been consuming anything ‘negative’ over the previous number of months, what is this everything about?” If you find yourself because circumstance, you can take some convenience in the truth that scenario replays itself every day to more people than you might assume. How can you avoid this “weight creep” and reduce weight instead?

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Fat around the waistline is a big problem that several Americans face. Actually, tummy fat is the most unsafe sort of fat. Excess weight around the waistline can boost your opportunities of establishing diabetes, cancer, heart problem as well as stroke. Not only is stubborn belly fat unappealing, yet it can be a vital indicator of a hormonal discrepancy.

Two Ways That Stress Sabotages Your Weight Loss Efforts

If you’re blaming on your own for not being your “perfect weight,” stop. It’s not your mistake. Instead, the means our bodies are configured to deal with stress is the problem. Stress and anxiety is a double whammy for weight – it increases our cravings and results in overindulging or poor food options, then makes our bodies hold on to the fat. The solution is not extreme diet programs, which causes extra stress, yet knowing exactly how to quit the anxiety reactions and recognizing when you’re truly starving vs. calming your tension.

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