Keto diets and kidney health – Diet Doctor Podcast

Dr. Thomas Weimbs and Jessianna Saville specialize in researching and treating kidney disease. They often prescribe a ketogenic diet to help people with polycystic (and other types of) kidney disease.

But, as they mention, some details are important. When should you worry about levels of protein intake? What degree of kidney dysfunction, as quantified by common lab tests like the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), raises concern? What about the risk for kidney stones and how can we prevent them? We explore these questions and more in our latest podcast.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
4:20 Kidney disease and the role of nutrition
9:35 Lowering protein level for kidney health?
16:47 Acidic blood vs acidic urine
23:47 About kidney volume and its test
30:15 Protein level for optimal kidney functions
36:58 Go to protein and supplements for plant-protein diets
43:18 Future work of Thomas Weimbs

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