Low carb for diabetes: A transformation — Diet Doctor Podcast

Dr. Mariela Glandt shares her experience as a diabetes specialist and tells us how to reverse diabetes. Since she now understands the proper diet for those with diabetes, she rarely prescribes those medications. We also explore the role that metabolic health plays in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
3:05 Welcome, Dr. Mariela Glandt
4:32 What Mariela learned about managing diabetes in the past
7:21 Differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes
11:25 Is a low-carb diet more effective at controlling T2D?
17:32 Challenges of sticking to low carb from a cultural stand point
25:34 Mariela’s approach to regain pancreatic function to manage T2D
29:00 Comparing different options for diabetes reversal31:51 Insulin treatment for people with T2D?
35:26 Metabolic health and COVID19
40:30 How Israel handles the COVID19 vaccination
43:55 About the 2019 Low Carb Conference in Israel
48:05 Last words and where to find Dr. Glandt

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