Low-carb LDL hyper-responders — New evidence – Diet Doctor Podcast

A new study scientifically defines the group of people whose LDL cholesterol rises dramatically after starting a low-carb diet — so-called lean mass hyper-responders. But what does this mean if you are in this group, and what does it mean for the broader topic of cholesterol?

I interviewed four of the paper’s authors. Join me as we dive deep into discussions of this paper’s ramifications.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
6:12 Nick Norwitz, PhD and Dr. Adrian Soto
7:46 The significance of the paper
14:43 The quality of data and evidence in the study
23:27 The rise in LDL prior to low carb
28:48 A criteria to define LMHR
37:35 Dave Feldman
40:11 How the finding is important for the research community
50:22 Opposition vs acceptance in the topic
56:32 Dr. Tro Kalayjian
57:19 Amount of carbs and the statin therapy
1:05:31 Increasing the carb intake and its effect
1:12:53 The treatment for when a high LDL persists
1:19:16 Conclusion

Link to the study

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