Protecting your brain with Dr. Tommy Wood – Diet Doctor Podcast

Dr. Tommy Wood, MD, PhD, specializes in studying brain trauma in newborns. And his passion is translating that research into lessons we can all use to help us protect our brains as we age.

For instance, we should challenge and stimulate our brains, but how much is “enough”? We should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. But what’s the best diet to follow? What kind of exercise is best? And what role does sleep, social connections, and genetics play?

Dr. Wood and I explore these topics, and more.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:40 Welcome, Dr. Tommy Woods
3:19 Translating neonates study to preventing Alzheimer’s disease
12:24 The minimum threshold for the brain’s stimulus needed
17:17 How muscle mass relates to brain function
25:15 A keto diet, exogenous ketones and cognitive health
31:26 The role of Omega 3 FA and DHA
37:40 The connection between nutrient deficiency and cognitive decline
41:53 Different lifestyle choices for people with different genes?
48:30 Sleep and its effect to cognitive well-being
51:59 Intermittent fasting, autophagy and cognitive decline

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Water, Water Everywhere

Water is one of the most vital staples to our health and wellness and fitness. If we are dried out, it can present a whole host of physical problems that we will waste time as well as cash to “heal”, when the treatment is as basic as “BEVERAGE EVEN MORE WATER!” Water Realities – An intriguing fact. “The planet is covered with practically 70% water as well as people are composed of regarding 75% water – our blood having approximately the exact same salinity as the sea water”. There are roughly 10,000 actions within your body that are done per second that water is important to. Waters primary work is to preserve a secure setting inside as well as around our cells, to ensure that we are able to absorb nutrition and remove wastes. If we are dehydrated then these actions can not occur to the level that we are dried out.

Weight Training Is Important For Women

This short article lays the misconceptions to women doing weights to rest. It is likewise has some standard info on what a few of the terms is in weight-lifting. Lastly, it has a workout any lady can do from home (no requirement for a gym subscription or weight collection), TODAY.

Why Your Belly Fat Could Be Deadly

This short article discuss just how you require to be concentrating extra on the location of your fat instead of the difference in between your breast as well as bottom dimension. It also speaks about body forms and just how you should stress so much regarding your form however focus specifically on your belly and middle fat.

How to Handle Emotional Eating?

What is psychological consuming? Before, we go over that, it will be good to review the psychological system. Humans are gifted with unique feelings. Thinking is creative thinking. We can not aid however, assume. Assuming is one of the most important task on the intellectual plane. However, intellectual aircraft is attached with the emotional plane. Ideas give birth to feelings. Emotions can transform your ideas. If you are really feeling sad, you will only think of depressing situations.

Importance of Quality Coconut Oil

Coconut oil supplies lots of advantages that range from giving smooth skin, to managing wellness conditions as well as helping in fat burning. You can purchase coconut oil in several forms, consisting of oil, whipped oil, pills, cooking oil and many different cosmetic items. Coconut has anti-bacterial, antiviral as well as antifungal homes. It also contains nourishing residential properties that can be absorbed via the hair, the skin, and also the digestion system.

Become a Weight Loss Coach and Lose Weight

What if you could slim down when you become a fat burning instructor? Suppose you could get in the most effective form of your life by ending up being a weight management coach? Well, you do not need to question – just end up being a weight management instructor as well as locate out!

Nutrition Counseling for Weight Loss

Dieting is not the answer for weight loss. If you go on a diet plan you limit on your own from eating specific foods for a short time period. You lose some pounds while you get on the diet plan, but as soon as you stop diet programs the weight returns. Dieting begins a vicious circle of eating to lose a couple of pounds, then acquiring the weight back, then weight loss once more. Your body is harmful, as well as deprived for the nutrition that it requires while you are dieting.

Important Tips for Weight Loss

In a current seminar at the regional health club, I satisfied with expert wellness experts. I had the opportunity to speak on different health topics. Slimming down requires perseverance.

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