Protein leverage with Professors Raubenheimer and Simpson — Diet Doctor Podcast

Is our biological need for protein driving us to overeat and become obese? Professors Raubenheimer and Simpson demonstrate through their research that animals, including humans, are hardwired to eat protein and will overeat calories to get enough protein, even to the point of poor metabolic outcomes like obesity and diabetes.

Understanding the drive for protein embedded in our biology is the first step in addressing obesity.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
4:03 Protein leverage hypothesis in a nutshell
8:42 Why protein is the key appetite to prioritize
12:23 Why is it named the protein leverage hypothesis
20:52 A solution to satisfy the protein leverage
27:49 The benefit vs concern of more protein content
34:36 Overall health and lifespan
40:16 Different parameters that affect one’s protein leverage
47:55 Solution to the industrialized food problem
56:28 Last words from Prof. Simpson and Prof. Raubenheimer

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