Quick Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Jars

Creamy chocolate cheesecake jars topped with sugar-free dark chocolate ganache. A delicious low-carb treat in just 15 minutes!

Full recipe: https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/keto-chocolate-cheesecake-jars

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Ingredients (makes 6 servings):

Chocolate cheesecake:
1 cup mascarpone cheese (240 g/ 8.5 oz)
1/2 cup crème fraîche or sour cream (120 g/ 4.2 oz)
1 cup heavy whipping cream (240 ml/ 8 fl oz)
1/3 cup powdered Erythritol or Swerve (1.9 oz)
1/4 cup cacao powder or Dutch process cocoa powder (22 g/ 0.8 oz)
1 tsp sugar-free vanilla extract
1/2 tsp sugar-free coffee extract or instant coffee powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/3 cup hot heavy whipping cream (80 ml/ 2.7 fl oz)
1 tbsp unsalted butter (14 g/ 0.5 oz)
1/3 cup 85-90% dark chocolate chips (60 g/ 2.1 oz)

Nutrition facts per jar:
Total carbs: 7.3 g
Net carbs: 5.3 g
Protein: 5.6 g
Fat: 49.1 g
Energy: 485 kcal (calories)
Carbs (4%) : Protein (5%) : Fat (91%)

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