The real story of beef, climate, and your health – Diet Doctor Podcast

You have likely heard that eating less beef will help the environment. While this is a popular stance on social media, it is overly simplistic and doesn’t consider the whole picture.

Ty Beal, PhD, joins me to discuss the importance of beef for worldwide nutrition, and Ariel Greenwood helps us better understand the role cows play in land management.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction to Ty Beal, PhD
2:00 The concept of eating for a healthier climate
7:54 A trade-off among improving soil quality, land use and GHG emission
14:07 What if we remove cattle from the equation?
23:10 Could animal-sourced foods play an important role in the dietary matrix?
25:52 Minimizing the risk of deforestation
30:30 Maintaining the herds size for a lower environmental impact
38:48 Ariel Greenwood
39:42 The upbringing of becoming a livestock manager
45:19 The holes in the rewilding argument
54:50 Imminent necessity of producing less beef with little environmental impact
1:02:36 The connection between ranching and deforestation
1:07:55 Ariel’s dream in a few years time

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