The science of time-restricted eating with Satchin Panda, PhD — Diet Doctor Podcast

Time-restricted eating may have the distinction of being the simplest and most effective lifestyle therapy. As Dr. Satchin Panda shares, his research helped the medical community realize the power of this simple intervention. Hear his story and his advice on how time restricted eating may benefit you.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
2:16 Welcome, Dr. Satchin Panda
3:00 Dr. Panda’s work on circadian rhythm
9:52 Transitioning to human studies
18:40 Why is time-restricted eating (TRE) so effective?
25:16 The concern with muscle mass
28:33 How long is the ideal TRE duration?
34:13 When is the ideal eating window?
38:42 Some practical tips to enhance the circadian rhythm
43:05 Where the future holds for TRE research
46:09 Closing

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