Vegetable oils: Are they healthy? – Diet Doctor Podcast

Some authorities promote vegetable oils as a “health food” but others see them as a clear danger to our health. Observational studies suggest they are beneficial to our health, but mechanistic studies suggest they can cause significant harm. How do we make sense of the disparate views? Our panel of experts weighs in and helps us put things in perspective.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
5:51 Ethan Weiss, MD
7:02 Dr. Weiss on the topic of vegetable oil
10:56 Counselling a patient about vegetable oil
15:30 Nicola Guess, RD
19:13 Does it matter where the vegetable oil originates?
26:02 The role of oleic acid like avocado and olive oil
28:43 Conclusion to Dr. Guess’ discussion
30:16 Tro Kalayjian, MD
30:44 The practical and clinical experience with vegetable oil
36:16 Raphael Sirtoli
43:35 About reactive oxygen species
48:54 Dr. Scher on being open-minded about different studies
54:41 A special case for people following a low-carb diet
56:45 Ben Bikman, PhD
1:05:14 Is there any negative effects in people on a hypocaloric diet?
1:07:01 How to weave through the different evidence
1:14:15 Amber O’Hearn
1:22:57 About the overstatement of the benefits and harm of omega 6
1:27:10 Conclusion

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