What can CGMs teach us about metabolic health?– Diet Doctor Podcast

Nick Norwitz, PhD, and his fellow medical students decided to create their own study to help learn about metabolic health. They wore continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and held discussions about the larger topic of metabolic health.

According to the students, it was a great success. But some online commenters raise serious concerns about using CGMs in this way.

In this episode, we explore the upside (and potential downside) to using CGMs to assess metabolic health, and discuss the broader topic of nutrition education.

Table of content:
0:00 Introduction
1:24 Nick Norwitz, PhD
2:30 Motivations behind the study
5:20 Curriculum updates in the nutrition training
9:03 Blood sugar doesn’t equal metabolic health
15:06 A potential pushback of the study
20:37 Response from the attendings about the study
27:43 The impact and the future of the study
33:10 Mark Czeisler, PhD
36:00 The change towards metabolic health
41:20 The concern with blood sugar in the study
49:18 Mealnie Hoenig, MD
50:02 Overall impression of the study
55:51 The state of nutrition training in medical school
1:00:43 Conclusion

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